Lil' Wiz Customer Support

Congratulations on your purchase of the one and only Lil' Wiz! We know that you will enjoy the sensational sound quality and power of the mini vibration surround speaker!

Below is an easy to follow guide that will assist you in trouble shooting any technical difficulties that you may be experiencing. Please read the guide fully to avoid damage or malfunction of the device.


Before we begin there are some standard points to remember before using your Lil' Wiz:

Make sure your Lil' Wiz has been fully charged before you use it. You will know it's fully charged when the Red LED on the side of the unit goes out after It's plugged in and the power switch is in the off position.

Do not throw away the skin protecting the rubber bottom. It should be replaced anytime: The Lil' Wiz is not in use, being used in a dirty environment; or, when attached to any window or wall accessory mounts.

When attaching the Lil' Wiz to any accessory window or wall mount make sure the base of the speaker is not cross threaded. Do not force the speaker onto any accessory. If the base is cross threaded or forced onto the mount; the rubber bottom may be damaged outside the scope of warranty.

How do I connect my Lil' Wiz to a wireless device?

This is a relatively easy process. The Lil' Wiz is designed to pair with any wireless device that has Bluetooth capabilities.

1. Find the wireless settings on your device.

This is typically found under your wireless devices settings menu. There should be a menu option that says Bluetooth settings. If you have a hard time finding it, take a deep breath. It will be there, it's sometimes tricky to find for the first time.

2. Turn your Bluetooth setting to ON.

3. Move the power switch on the Lil' Wiz to the BT setting. You will see the LED on the side start to flash.

4. Scan for new devices in the Bluetooth settings on your wireless device. In your Bluetooth settings this may look like: Scan Devices, Discover; or, Add.

5. Your wireless device will find the Lil' Wiz.

The Lil' Wiz will be listed as COWIN BT in the list of Bluetooth devices detected.

6. Select COWIN BT.

Your device will ask you if you want to "Pair" with this device. Say "Yes" or "Ok." Your device may ask for a Pass key or PIN. The code is 0000 (4 zero's). Your device will confirm when pairing is complete.

7. If your device and the Lil' Wiz do not connect the first time repeat the previous steps. It is common with wireless devices to take a couple of tries to communicate the first time.

8. You are now connected to play sound from your wireless device through the Lil' Wiz.

How do I play and control music?

Your Lil' Wiz has two methods to control your music. Firstly, there are controls on the side of the Lil' Wiz and then there are controls on your device. Each wireless device is different so familiarize yourself with those controls and ensure your volume is on.

Controls on the Lil' Wiz are:

1. To adjust the volume slide the dial and hold either +>>| or -|<<

2. To switch songs quickly slide and release the dial to either the right advances or to the left to go to the previous track +>>| or -|<<

3. To pause and play quickly press the middle of the switch in >>=

How do I make a Call?

1. When a call comes in on your phone it will be automatically transferred to your Lil' Wiz. If music is playing it will automatically pause and the Lil' Wiz will make an audible ringing sound.

2. Press >= once to answer a call, twice to reject a call and three times to end a call.

3. Please note that hands free talking is subject to the capabilities and settings on your phone.

USB to Headphone Connection

How do I connect my Lil' Wiz to a computer or other media player like an older ipod or Mp3 Player?

The Lil' Wiz is designed to connect with a "hard wire" to any device that has a headphone jack. It's as easy (and the same) as plugging in a set of headphones to your device.

1. Every Lil' Wiz comes with a charging/headphone cord.

2. Remove this cord from the packaging and plug the small USB plug into the Lil' Wiz.

3. You will notice the other end is forked. One of the ends is: A larger USB plug, used for charging the unit; The other is a headphone jack

4. Plug the headphone jack into the headphone port of your device. Look for this symbol on your computer or other media devices.

5. You are now connected to play sound from your media device through the Lil' Wiz.

Charging The Battery

The Lil' Wiz has a rechargeable lithium battery. This can be charged by connecting to the USB port of your computer or other USB compatible plugs. Charge the Lil' Wiz completely before using it for the first time.

When charging the LED will light up Red. Once the charging process is complete the light will go out.

The Lil' Wiz will indicate when it needs to be charged when the LED light begins to flash while in use.

For best battery operation disconnect the Lil' Wiz after charging. Use the device on battery power until it needs to be charged again. Prolonged charging may reduce the batteries lifespan.

Product Care

The Lil' Wiz is designed to be light, compact and durable. However, it is an electronic device and must be treated carefully. Putting unnecessary pressure on it or striking the device against other objects can cause damage.

To avoid damage to your device, please:

  • Do not drop, crush, bend or apply unnecessary pressure to the device.
  • Do not expose your device to moisture, extreme or prolonged heat, cold or humidity.
  • Avoid storing in damp, humid or wet places. IT IS NOT WATERPROOF.
  • Do not operate or store the unit in places with frequent static electricity or electrical noise. (e.g. speakers, TV set).
  • Clean the unit using a soft damp cloth. Do not use solvents or other cleaning detergents.
  • Do not remove the rubber base, it is designed to "seal" the speaker to desktops and other stationary surfaces.
  • DO NOT THROW THE PROTECTIVE SKIN AWAY. It should be replaced anytime: The Lil' Wiz is not in use, being used in a dirty environment; or, when attached to any window or wall accessory mounts.
  • DO NOT CROSS THREAD THE BASE when connecting your device to the window or wall mount accessories. Cross threading the base and forcing it on may damage the rubber base seal.

    Clean the rubber base with a damp finger only.

    This device contains magnets. Keep magnetic field sensitive products such as credit cards, memory cards, video screens away from this device to avoid damage or malfunction.

Lil' Wiz Owner Manuals

Below are the owner manuals for both the Lil' Wiz TF model and the Lil' Wiz BT model respectively.

Click here to download the Lil' Wiz TF model manual
Click here to download the Lil' Wiz BT model manual